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"Acqua Jungle Lodge, a lifetime experience on Ilha Grande"


Kayak Fishing Ilha Grande
Fishing Ilha Grande
Spearfishing Ilha Grande
Fishing Ilha Grande

about us

We are a network of friends and partners, who have decided to unite to present to the world the wonders of the Bay of Ilha Grande, through the eyes of those who admire, preserve and live together every day with this rich ecosystem that we have here.

Specialized in adventure ecotourism, we offer Jungle Lodge accommodation services and tourist activities on Ilha Grande, always with an ecological commitment.

We have been working in the area for 12 years. Our priority is to generate good experiences and great memories, that's why most of our proposals are guided, valuing the excellent work of our local guides who take you to know the most exotic points of the island. 

Our team is ready to serve you in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

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