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Acqua Jungle Lodge, a lifetime experience on Ilha Grande

Pesca Sub Ilha Grande

ACQUA JUNGLE lodge Ilha Grande


For the spearfishing practitioners at all levels. Practical lessons for beginners, safety instructions, techniques of diving in apnea and approaching the fish.

In this mode of fishing we take you by speedboat to the oceanic side of Ilha Grande. (Jorge Grego Island) Where the depth of the fishing spots range from 3 to 30 meters and the visibility of the water can reach up to 20 meters.

The crew has two seamen/divers duly qualified by the Brazilian Navy and our package includes ice box, all the necessary equipment for the practice of sub fishing, such as harpoons, flippers, masks and ballasts, photos, videos and spearfishing instructor in the water along with you. At the end of the spearfishing we usually make a fish barbecue at the house of one of the crew divers.

Spearfishing Ilha Grande
Spearfishinh Ilha Grande.jpeg
Spearfishing Ilha Grande

Starting at

USD 500,00

Customize your trip!

Limited vacancies!

how is the reservation made for your spearfishing?

To make the reservation, we need to receive 50% of the total amount in advance (for this we can send you a secure link to pay by international credit card), and the remaining amount you must pay on the day of the activity.

Forms of payment
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