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HOW TO GET: Rio de janeiro x ilha grande

Our personalized transportation service operates daily in Rio de Janeiro to facilitate your arrival in Ilha Grande.

The ground transportation Rio de Janeiro x Conceição de Jacareí is made in new and comfortable automobiles, we have meeting points in all South Zone, center and airports between  05h:30 a.m. and 3:15 p.m. and the route lasts approximately 2h: 30min depending on the traffic conditions.

  The sea transport Conceição de Jacareí x Abraão (Ilha Grande) is made by speedboat and the crossing lasts approximately 20 m.

   Arriving at Abraão Village, at the tourist pier, you can get information about the location of your hostel at the information desk of Abraão station.

How to get to Ilha Grande
How to get to Ilha Grande


How to get to Ilha Grande
How to get to Ilha Grande

Starting at $ 30,00 per person, request your reservation now and pay only when you arrive in Ilha Grande. Contact us by whats app or click Here.

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