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Ilha grande tours


Time: 10:30 a.m.~ 16:30 p.m.| Price: $USD 20,00 per person


1° stop: The most famous natural aquarium of Ilha Grande, the Blue Lagoon! Ideal place for diving or snorkeling, with crystal clear waters reaching up to 15m visibility.


2 ° stop: Japariz Beach (Lunch not included) Cozy restaurants on the beach with a wide variety of dishes, such as the tasty grilled fish with shrimp sauce!


3 ° Stop: And to finalize our Ilha Grande tour we visited the beautiful Beach of Love in Saco do Céu.


All our boats are equipped with bathrooms, sound, recreational floats and bar on board.

Our crew always counts on at least two sailors duly qualified by the Brazilian Navy and another diver / guide that besides sharing the histories and curiosities of Ilha Grande also takes photos (Not included) underwater in Lagoa Azul for those interested in taking a ride souvenir.


We serve complimentary tropical fruits during the tour! This is the tour with the best cost of Ilha Grande!

SCHOONER TOUR TO Pouso beach and HIKING TO THE right corner of Lopes Mendes ILHA GRANDE


Departures: 09:30 a.m. 10:30 a.m.  11:30 a.m. ~ Return: 15:30 p.m. 16:30 p.m.  17:30 p.m.

$USD 10,00 per person

Note 1: On this tour the boat goes to Pouso beach, then 20 minutes walk to the right corner of Lopes Mendes beach in Ilha Grande.

Note 2: The Lopes Mendes beach has a strip of sand of 3 km being the right corner with waves good for the pratice of surf and the left side good to snorkeling.

how is the reservation made for your tour?

To reserve, your Ilha Grande Tour we request a deposit in a bank account of 50% of the total amount and on the day of the tour the payment of the other 50% . For payment with credit card we can send a link through the Pag Seguro or Mercado Pago. We can also issue a bank payment through the Paypal system for foreigners and Brazilians, so a 10% fee will be added.

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Browse our website, choose the service and the desired date, contact us. We will send by e-mail the link for payment of the reservations through the Pag Seguro or Mercado Pago.

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Browse our website, choose the service and the desired date, contact us. We will send by e-mail the ticket for payment of the reservations, this service has an increase of 10%.

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