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What to do in Rio de Janeiro
What to do in Rio de Janeiro

What to do in Rio de Janeiro
What to do in Rio de Janeiro

What to do in Rio de Janeiro
What to do in Rio de Janeiro

What to do in Rio de Janeiro
What to do in Rio de Janeiro


If you are looking for what to do in Rio de Janeiro and only have 1 day to get to know Ilha Grande let us show you the most beautiful, the sea floor and a vast marine life, many fish, colorful corals, sea turtles and with a little bit of luck even dolphins, wearing only a mask with snorkel and flippers. Ideal even for those who can not swim! An incredible adventure that will allow you to see by snorkel a wealth of marine life normally accessible only to scuba divers. All this on a 1 day tour in Ilha Grande!

This is a speedboat tour for a maximum of 6 people with our best local bilingual free dive guide (Mateus) who has been practicing this modality since 2010 when he moved from São Paulo to Ilha Grande in search of new experiences.

Delighted with everything he saw and lived in these 8 years decided to join us in this project and show the world not only the seabed but also the new lifestyle that discovered here, the style "Caiçara."



Imagine a trip to exceed expectations, something super exclusive (maximum of 6 people and a minimum of 2), that bring you new sensations, open your mind, a great underwater adventure in an island paradise and full of stories of shipwrecks, pirates and everything else. In this scenario and accompanied by duly qualified professionals who love what they do, we want to show the wonders of Ilha Grande in the eyes of those who live here. Prioritizing always the good service, the honesty and the immense respect to the nature we take you for an unforgettable tour. After all, special people deserve special moments! We will observe marine life in the wild environment and accompanied by a local bilingual dive instructor, relax on some of Ilha Grande's more than 100 beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters, and enjoy the famous caiçara cuisine in a restaurant with the feet in the sand.

HOW does the 1 day ilha grande tour work?

Our ground transportation service that operates daily in the south and center of Rio de Janeiro will pick you up at your hotel at 7:00 a.m. The trip to Conceição de Jacareí lasts approximately 2:00 and there our team will be waiting to go straight to the tour in Ilha Grande. The speedboat tour on Ilha Grande makes 5 stops, approximately 50 minutes each. We start by the blue lagoon where we make 2 stops at 2 different points then we go to the Grumixama beach where you can simply relax or continue with the snorkeling. Then we continue to the lunch stop in Japariz (included in the package), after lunch we take a panoramic view of Saco do Céu and stop at the legendary beach of love. The end of the speedboat trip is between 16:00h and 17:00h at the same place of embarkation where our ground transportation team waits to return to your hotel in Rio de Janeiro where you will be back at 9:00 pm.

What to do in Rio de Janeiro
What to do in Rio de Janeiro


What to do in Rio de Janeiro
What to do in Rio de Janeiro

first stop blue lagoon

Departing from the Conceição de Jacareí Tourism Pier between 9:30 and 10:00 we go straight to Blue Lagoon where we make 2 stops of approximately 40 minutes each at 2 different points to better explore the underwater world in search of turtles, sea stars , various types of fish, multicolored corals and much more! We embark on a super underwater guided adventure for species observation in the wild environmemt by our local bilingual  free diving instructor Mateus who besides giving several tips on how to use the equipment (mask with snorkel and flippers) and teach techniques of diving in apnea to the bravest also shows life under the water where you probably would not see alone and record all your moments under the water (Photos included in the package)

Note: You do not need to know how to swim! You will feel so light that you will think you are flying!

What to do in Rio de Janeiro

+ Grumixama beach

What to do in Rio de Janeiro

+ JAPARIZ beach

What to do in Rio de Janeiro


What to do in Rio de Janeiro

+ Love beach

What to do in Rio de Janeiro

What is included and how much does it cost?

On this day you do not have to worry about anything, and remember: "special people deserve special moments"

  • Ground transportation in a private car Rio de Janeiro x Conceição de Jacareí round trip;

  • Boat ride with 5 stops on Ilha Grande;

  • Lunch at Japariz beach;

  • Free diving equipment (Snorkel mask, flippers and a go pro);

  • Recreational floats;

  • Free dive guide bilingual in the water along with you;

  • Underwater photo session at Lagoa Azul (professional camera);

  • Tropical fruits;

  • Mineral water;

  • Cooler with ice in the boat (you can take your drink).

$USD 250,00

Per person

Minimum of 2 e maximum of 6 passengers


Limited vacancies!

And come to make the best trip of your life!

how is the reservation made for your Snorkeling Day?

To reserve, your 1 Day Tour in Ilha Grande we request a deposit in a bank account of 50% of the total amount and on the day of the tour the payment of the other 50% . For payment with credit card we can send a link through the Pag Seguro or Mercado Pago. We can also issue a bank payment through the Paypal system for foreigners and Brazilians, so a 10% fee will be added.

Form of payment 

Credit card

Browse our website, choose the service and the desired date, contact us. We will send by e-mail the link for payment of the reservations through the Pag Seguro or Mercado Pago.

Form of payment Transfer/Deposit

Caixa Econômica Federal

Conta corrente: 3630-5 Agência: 0887 Operação: 03

CNPJ: 20.418.112/0001-74

 Mateus Pereira dos Santos

Form of payment


Browse our website, choose the service and the desired date, contact us. We will send by e-mail the ticket for payment of the reservations, this service has an increase of 10%.

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