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An incredible adventure of 4 days and 3 nights in Ilha Grande experiencing the Caiçara lifestyle accompanied by a bilingual local guide.

Live this experience! Special people deserve special moments!


> First day: Departure from Rio de Janeiro, hotels or airport receptive. A quick connection to Vila do Abraão in Ilha Grande (Private Car + speedboat), where you will have the rest of the day free to visit and get to know better the village. This evening we stayed at the Acqua Roots Hostel with our main host the local diver and guide Mateus;

> Second day: The Caiçara Mateus takes us on a heavy level ecologic hiking, beginning with the 02h trail to the beautiful beach and village of Dois Rios where the old historical village and ruins of the old prison create a nostalgic look in the air.
From here onwards for a trail that displays all the exuberance of the vast fauna and flora of Ilha Grande until Parnaioca Beach. The trail is very tiring but very rewarding, the feeling of listening to the roar of the Bugios, drinking the pure water of one of several springs on the way, listening to the unusual song of the Arapongas and the best sensation of victory with the end of the hiking and the arrival on the beautiful beach of crystalline waters, the Parnaioca! In this paradisiacal beach and practically deserted with only a dozen in habitants, we stayed in the camping of the legendary Caiçara Mr. Silvio, who is no longer among us but left many homesickness;

> Third day: Part of the morning free while our guide Mateus catches fresh fish and prepares a delicious Caiçara style lunch. Late afternoon we embark on an underwater adventure to swim with sea turtles in the wild environment. (Guided snorkeling);


> Fourth day: Breakfast and departure back to the Acqua Roots Hostel in Vila do Abraão where our staff wait for us with lunch ready and organizes the connection back to Rio de Janeiro.

What is included and how much does it cost?

  • Transportation from Rio de Janeiro to Ilha Grande round trip. Car and speedboat;

  • Accommodation of one night in hostel in the village of Abraão and two nights in camping in the beach of Parnaióca;

  • Lunch of the third day in Parnaióca and lunch of the fourth day in Acqua Roots Hostel;
    Free diving equipment (Mask and snorkel);Photos and videos in and out of the water;

  • Camping equipment;

  • Guided flotation;

  • Bilingual guide.

$USD 320,00

Per person

Minimum of 2 and maximum of 8 people

And come live the best experience of your life!

How is the reservation made for your ecotourism package in ilha grande?

To reserve, your Ecotourism Package in Ilha Grande we request a deposit in a bank account of 50% of the total amount and on the first day of the tour the payment of the other 50% . For payment with credit card we can send a link through the Pag Seguro or Mercado Pago. We can also issue a bank payment through the Paypal system for foreigners and Brazilians, so a 10% fee will be added.

Form of payment 

Credit card

Browse our website, choose the service and the desired date, contact us. We will send by e-mail the link for payment of the reservations through the Pag Seguro or Mercado Pago.

Form of payment Transfer/Deposit

Caixa Econômica Federal

Conta corrente: 3630-5 Agência: 0887 Operação: 03

CNPJ: 20.418.112/0001-74

 Mateus Pereira dos Santos

Form of payment


Browse our website, choose the service and the desired date, contact us. We will send by e-mail the ticket for payment of the reservations, this service has an increase of 10%.

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